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Hypnotherapy in Shrewsbury that offers an alternative healing method to benefit our patients with positive changes to responses, thoughts, behaviours, attitudes and even feelings. The treatment is undertaken subconsciously with the patient under hypnosis.

The treatment works wonderfully to clam people who suffer with fears such as flying, spiders and enclosed spaces right through to helping people quit habits or addictions such as smoking, drugs or alcohol.

If you feel you like to find out a little more on how I may be able to help, ring me for a free chat on: 07522 372640 or alternative arrange to book an appointment.

Couples mediation is a technique that promotes open communication and so paves the way for rational and reasonable negotiations and the exploration of outcomes to which both parties can commit. http://www.directoryofmediators.com/

What exactly is NLP, and how does it function?

The goal of NLP is to identify and correct an individual's unconscious biases or restrictions in their map of the world.
NLP is not the same as hypnotherapy.
As opposed to this, it operates through the purposeful use of words to effect changes in someone's beliefs and actions. https://direct-therapy.org.uk/

Anxiety, Stress & Fear

Complete freedom from debilitating feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. Change IS possible!

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A Phobia Free life is a phone call away!

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Positive Mind working with Charities

Here at Positive Mind we are all about helping support as many people as possible especially those who may struggle to find appropriate support due to their financial or personal situations. Watch this space! 🙂

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Insurance and accreditations

Positive mind hypnotherapy is fully insured and accredited with the following bodies, GHR and GHSC..

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